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Fully Trained
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What is a Fully Trained Service Dog?

A Fully Trained Service Dog is one that is born, raised, and trained by our expert Service Dog Trainers over the course of 16 to 24 months. We find the right match for your needs, personality, and lifestyle and then custom train the dog for you or your child's needs.

Primary Program Benefits

Custom Trained specifically for your needs.

We can train dogs to assist in overcoming the typical challenges of your disability along with custom training the service dog to your particular needs. 

In many cases, we can dual-train a service dog to help with multiple disabilities. So you no longer have to chose just one task to get help with.

Quick Placement Timeframe

With our industry leading training programs and early investment of time and work, we are able to custom train a service dog quickly.

Typically we can custom train a service dog for any major disability in approximately 4 to 6 months.

Dual-Trained Service Dogs may take longer depending on the complexity of tasks.

We travel to you...

For the best client experience our Service Dog Trainers will travel to you to do the initial home interview as well the final boot camp training in your own home, school, work, and community environments.

This solves many of the transition issues that plague other organizations and allows us to keep costs lower to you.


Types of Service Dogs

We training a variety of service dog for common disabilities and disability categories. If your disability is not listed, then contact one of our Service Dog Specialists to see how we can help you.

Autism Service Dogs

These dogs are training to assist with challenges many face on the Autism Spectrum or other similar neurological or developmental disabilities such as

* Aspergers Syndrome
* Fragile X,
* Rett Syndrome,
* Downs Syndrome.

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Medical Alert Service Dogs

These dogs are specially trained to assist recognizing and responding to a medical event. Conditions that a Medical Alert Dog can be trained include:

* Epilepsy / Seizures
* P.O.T.S. / Syncope
* Diabetic Alert
* Food / Latex Allergies

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This program prepares dogs to assist clients overcoming the daily challenges of PTSD. We work with clients that are both military and non-military.

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Other Types of Service Dogs

We have over 23+ years of experience training service dogs for a variety of disabilities including mobility, guide, hearing, & dual trained service dogs. If you have another disability not listed above, there is a good chance we can still help you. Please schedule a call with one of our Service Dog Specialists to get more information.

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Secondary Benefits

There are tons of secondary benefits of getting a fully trained service dog.

Our service dog training programs is not limited on age. We have helped children as young as 18 months old to adult clients that are 80+ years old.

We find that getting a service dog as soon as possible will help with the child's development and ability to overcome the challenges of their disability easier. Any clients who are under 5 years of age or over 75 years of age will have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and largely dependent on their disability as well as their family support structure.

Since we travel to our clients, and place on a 1-on-1 basis we can place dogs throughout most of the world. 

We have service dogs working in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, South America, and Australia at the moment.

Depending on the country, there are certain time frame and procedures that have to be completed prior to the home interview or boot camp process. Please consult one of our Service Dog Specialists to get more information for International Placements.

We work with each of our Clients on a 1-on-1 basis throughout the Home Interview and Boot Camp Placement process. This allows us to focus directly on your needs and assisting you through this complex process.

Getting a service dog is a process that is costly in time, effort, and money. You should feel confident the dog you are receiving from us is healthy to do the work required. 

The overview of the medical testing we do includes:

  • Structural Evaluation- which includes X-Rays of the
    • Hips
    • Spine (most of it)
    • Knees
    • Elbows
    • Shoulders
    • Wrists
    • Chest
    • Heart
  • Kinesthetic Checks-Evaluating the movement, gait, and range of motion of the dog.
  • Vision Checks- Evaluations of the lens & structure of the eyes.
  • Skin Checks- Looking for any signs of skin issues such as mange, dry skin, hot spots, or skin allergies.
  • Blood Analysis- CBC Chem 11 blood panel evaluating over 30 factors of internal organ function and health.
  • Fecal Checks- Checking for internal parasites such as worms or coccidia.
  • Heartworm Check- Blood test specifically looking for signs of deadly heartworm disease.
  • Canine Dental Exam & Cleaning - (If necessary)
  • Spay / Neuter- Prior to placement all service dogs are either spayed or neutered.

Although we have an extensive online training library, and a ton of in person training, there are times after the 10 day boot camp that you may come across a problem with your service dog. More than likely something will happen that you will need help with overcoming, they are a living being and not a robot.

With each placement, we include 2 months of support from our training staff to help guide you to overcome the challenge. We check in with you on a regular basis as well as providing a Private Facebook group for placements so you can get help quickly.

We want you to be a successful team, so we include the support that you'll need to get there with.

We can assist you in the integration process of the service dog in school or work environments during or after the placement process. 

Our program was one of the first Service Dog programs to assist clients going into the school environment. 

This is an optional service usually paid for by the school or company. Please consult our Service Dog Specialist for your particular situation.

We believe knowing how your service dog learns and is training is critical for our clients to be able to adapt their service dog for new challenges or situations. 

To make this process easy for our clients is that they have access to an extensive online training course and library of videos. These videos go over:

  • How their service dog has been trained
  • How to adapt that training if their disability changes.
  • Common Healthcare & grooming information.
  • Command Demonstrations
  • And disability specific task information.

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