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Owner Trained Program

This monthly membership program will take you through the trade secrets & training techniques we have developed over the past 23+ years of training hundreds of service dogs for many disabilities. We have prepared and condensed all of our experience into this Training System that includes a Quick Start Guide, worksheets, and access to over 200+ videos of focused instruction.

We will guide you over the steps necessary to start from scratch & prepare a well rounded service dog that can work for you, your child, or other family member to overcome many of the challenges of their disability.


Primary Program Benefits

Work With Your Own Dog

This program gives you the ability to work and train your own dog whether it is young, or older.

If you don't have a dog, you can choose the breed that works best for you even though they may not be a typical service dog breed.

Learn & Proceed At Your Own Pace..

This is a self-paced online training program that is available year round, 24 hours a day. Learn as fast or as slow as you'd like.

You can also pick and choose the sections and training that best fits you and your dog.


No Experience Necessary...

This program does not require you to have any previous dog handling or training experience. It will allow you to walk before you run and make sure you have a good foundation to work with your dog before jumping into advanced training

Focus On What Works

We understand that life gets busy. Add in all the extra stuff such as therapies, school, work, activities that a person with disability deals with on a daily basis takes up a lot of time & energy. We focus on the K.I.S.S. methodology of training to keep things focused on what practically works for you, your dog, or your child.

Training Tools For Success...

Complete Video Vault

Watch all of our training video curriculum & on demand lessons, notes, and worksheets.

Guides, Manuals, & Cheat Sheets

We have a bunch of guides, checklists, manuals, & cheat sheets to help you find and train your new service dog.

Online Training Tools

Plus, more tools & resources, directories, including our specialty training equipment shop.

Get Started Right Away...


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